Unbelievably Amazing Experience

Simple Touch Controls

Awesome Space Battle Scenes

Chance to Become a Real Galactic Hero!!

Most Powerful Weapons



When aliens start attacking the planet, it’s time to move into action!

Fly your technologically upgraded space fighters on missions through space and take out thehideous invading enemies as they rain down fire from above. With amazing graphics, easy to manipulate controls and crazy intergalactic action, this game brings a world of challenging fun and entertainment right to your mobile device. With awesome bonuses and power-ups that will have the enemy spacecraft on the edge of doom, this exciting and rewarding game offers you the chance to be the hero that the world has been waiting for.

How long will you last as the hero in this epically cool game? Play the best and find out for yourself, just what kind of space hero you really are!

Good luck Captain, the galaxy is counting on you to be the best!

Technical Game Features

Ads/monetizing services included in the game

We have Integrated Admob And Unity Video Ads for iOS and Android

An easy to reskin game

It’s Really easy to Reskin this Game As all graphics are differentiated by folders
Download PDF


Easy to localize to any language as the language used into in it is English which is easiest to localize.

Expertly written high quality source code behind the project

Please use the button to download screenshots showing snippets of code used in the source code of this game
Download PDF

Other game specifications

  1. Game Engine : Cocos2dx v.2.2.6, for both Android & iOS versions
  2. Operating Support : Requires Android 2.3 and above
  3. Size : 16MB
  4. In-App Products : Between $ 0.99 and $ 4.99 per item
  5. License Terms : All graphics, sound files and App name need to be replaced


Multiple App License
$ 900

  • Create and Distribute Unlimited Apps
  • Not allowed to sell the Source Code
Reskin & Launch Service
$ 1500

  • 1 Full Reskin of this App
  • Dedicated Project Manager
  • Advertising Integration
  • ASO
    This is a tooltip for the Business package.
  • Appstore Submission
    This is a tooltip for the Business package.
Marketing Pack
$ 400

  • ASO Pro
  • Video App Promo
  • Professional App Screenshots


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